"Suzanne and I worked together on a creative project for 9 months during which time she developed text which formed the basis for two separate inter-related works. The first of these became a voice recording for ‘The Inuit Myth of Sedna’, a video by Morgan I.P. Fics, and the second was her own production of ‘Combing Sedna’s Hair’, an ensemble performance which she developed.

I observed the project develop from a seed idea to an evening length work which combined video, movement, and live music with a voice recording of her text. Suzanne was able to direct a group of 12 individuals from 8 different language backgrounds effectively and took on the mantle of authority, kept people on task and to the vision of the piece. She directed people so that there wasn't any slack time, maintaining authority while bringing out creative talents in people which they had not previously explored, to the point where they felt safe enough to present a public performance to a full house. I was impressed that Suzanne followed through and realised the project successfully, managing a very diverse team tactfully and skilfully so that they were able to delve into sensitive material and enjoy themselves in the process."

-Ann Ireland

Noted Canadian Author


"I wanted to offer a reference for Suzanne as I would highly recommend her as a team manager and creative facilitator. She is completely unique, talented and a pleasure to work with. Suzanne was an excellent manager, creative facilitator and mentor when I worked under her direction as an emerging artist in her production of "Combing Sedna's Hair". Suzanne exceeded my expectation as a coach and artistic facilitator both in creativity and professionalism. She has been guiding me through her unique process, including through written word, her method of movement, acting and dance, to get in touch with a different side of my performer-self and has made me feel comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone. Suzanne is a safe guide for exploring a deep inner process and encourages me to find ways to express myself that feel natural. The result is an enhanced understanding of purpose and presence as a performer, writer and individual. In addition, Suzanne is very organized and a strong leader. I am profoundly grateful that our paths crossed and I will look forward to continuing collaboration in the future."

-Kaleena Lawless

Communications Coordinator, Entrepreneur

"I have attended various workshops by Ms. Suzanne Banay Santo over the last five years and always found them very beneficial and enjoyable.  She has a great talent to bring out the creative aspect of her clients.  Her skill in facilitating an exploration of deeper issues, to work with the material which comes to the surface in a safe and productive environment  is remarkable.

One of her exploratory writing workshops which culminated in a performance even got my husband’s attention.  He fully participated and found the experience very satisfactory!  That in itself speaks volumes.

Suzanne brings together a really fascinating blend of material and opens doors allowing people to explore deeply within a creative and safe environment.  I can recommend her and her work highly!"

-Adelheid Toogood

Photographer, International Tour Guide