Owl Woman by Rob Purday, is a focus of prayer through artwork.She carries a call to find powerful centering and to get in touch with the inner stories, the ones that we have come here to tell, that only we can tell. To learn more about her click here: http://robpurday.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/owl-woman/

Skype sessions are available worldwide

Inner Wisdom Dollmaking

A healing and restorative practice 

Suzanne will gently guide you through the process of creating images which support your inner knowing. Using copper wire, and soft clean white wool roving, we will create forms which are expressive and healing. As Carl Jung observed, our hands know things that our conscious minds do not.

Suzanne's approach includes the latest research findings, enhancing your neurological well-being and the overall health of your system. The process mediates anxiety and optimizes brain functioning.

This practice is the basis of Suzanne's PhD research.

Sessions are available worldwide by videoconference.