Join Suzanne and co-creators Roula Said, Keren Brown, Marilyn Boynton, Miko Sobreira and Jaash Singh for a deep experience of creative play, drawing from the ancient mythic sources of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Participate in the process by which Persephone comes into her own as an initiated woman. No longer simply her mother's daughter, Persephone emerges from the collective to claim her full power as a woman in her own right, and Queen of the sacred mysterious world Beneath.

This timeless, multi-layered material was the source for Suzanne's illustrated book, Persephone Under the Earth. Now drawing from this material again, we re-weave the ancient tale in a group, using elements of invocation, gentle but deep undulation which relaxes and releases habitual physical patterning, and live musical accompaniment.

Participators will gain confidence in relaxing into their natural voices, playing simple instruments, and experiencing the atmosphere of gentle yet profound penetration into a deep mythic strata of our collective psyche.

This is much more than a movement class. It is an opportunity to  live in mythic time, in a carefully constructed and bounded container, intended as an act of beauty and offering to ourselves, each other, and the larger collective to which we are inseparably interwoven. Participating in Mythic will be an experience you will not forget.

These sessions will consist of several components. There will be an ongoing  afternoon class, and private sessions may be booked with Suzanne in order to intensify creation of cameo roles within the basic plot structure.

Prior experience in performance is not required for any level of engagement, but what is requested is a sincere desire to explore and create in a respectful and gentle manner.

Due to family needs this work is currently on hold. In order to be made aware of start date and current developments, please join our occasional mailing list on the contact page and/or... to secure your registration in these events.