Owl Woman by Rob Purday, is a focus of prayer through artwork.She carries a call to find powerful centering and to get in touch with the inner stories, the ones that we have come here to tell, that only we can tell. To learn more about her click here: http://robpurday.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/owl-woman/

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Ongoing Private Creative Facilitation                        and Red Butterfly Publications 

Suzanne will design session content which is specifically tailored to your own individual needs. The palette of movement, sound, creative writing and publishing through Red Butterfly Publications, is shaped to meet your particular circumstances. 

Contact Suzanne at: suzanne.santo@rogers.com

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Find Your Voice in English

Suzanne will gently guide you into more sophisticated English speech and writing. By focusing on your own interests and needs, she will help you become more fluent and confident in English conversation.

Suzanne's approach to private tutoring in the English language includes the latest research findings, which show that creative visualization and meditation assist learning. Depending on your interests, we can also focus on pronunciation, rhythm and intonation as well as gestures and cultural insight.

In addition to taking you behind the curtain of the English language,Suzanne's kind and patient approach will help you feel calm and centred. 

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