Within each of us is a wealth of knowledge, power and wisdom, which can be evoked to benefit ourselves and those around us. Sometimes we forget, but as soon as we hear authentic truths, we may say, "I knew that."

Why is this so? Because within us is a world beyond our daily concerns, and it is completely available as soon as we sit down quietly to tune in,

There is a story of a Buddha statue which had been covered in dust. The dust had in time become more solid and formed a crust. This crust was uneven and obscured the shape of what was underneath, which was completely lost sight of, for decades had passed.

However one full moon the royal couple, while sitting in their garden conversing, turned to the subject of art and how it has the power to uplift those who view it. "Perhaps", said the Queen, "We should have someone see to the image at the far temple." And the King saw that it was done. In this way it was discovered that under the layers of dust, grime and crust, was a core of pure gold. The workers were amazed and very joyful to have rediscovered the truth, and very quickly the word spread through the domain, bringing joy wherever the story was told.

Through the practice of meditation, we can connect to the primordial gold within. By meditating with our eyes open, we remain connected to the world of appearances at the same time. Once we begin to join body and speech to the recognition, it is possible to communicate out of the golden core of our being.

Using this method as the basis, accessible yet profoundly satisfying patterns of speech, sound and movement can emerge. These patterns can be developed into orchestrations to share with each other and at specific times, with viewers.

This form of movement and sound can be practiced by an individual in a wheelchair, or who has never sung, alongside someone who has years of training.

We each have a voice, a body, a mind, and we each have the golden core of wisdom to share. This is the central focus of my work with Embodied Sound.