The Holland Hexagram is widely used to help people understand themselves and guide their choice of career. Of course humans are far more complicated than this map can indicate—just as a recipe for peppermint lemonade will not quench thirst, but only provide a suggestion for how to do so well.

Read through the descriptions and think about, (and if you like, write) brief answers to these questions:

·       Which description sounds most like me?
·       Which description sounds least like me?
·       How can knowing this help guide what I do?

In sessions with me, we use many kinds of tools to understand how to find the next step, whether that involves a life passage in a country you’ve known all your life, or finding yourself as a newcomer to Canada, with all the complexities that involves.

I will be happy to discuss your particular needs and see how my creative language skills may assist you in feeling more confident and secure in your next steps.