The Venus transit of June 5-6, 2012 heralds an awakening. Many consider this transit of Venus across the Sun as a marker of reactivation of the divine feminine creative force.

The Mayan calendar was built around Venus transits. We are currently leaving behind a polarization in which humanity separated itself from Gaia and consented to a hierarchy which construed God as male and nature as a resource.

Over an eight year period, the retrograde cycles of Venus around the Sun form the shape of a pentagram, a five-pointed star. This 72-degree mathematical aspect is called the quintile, and is regarded as a harbinger of creative transformation. Just as women give birth to both genders, the rise of the feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves, which includes a much wider range of selfhood than that of consumer, spectator and franchise-holder in a system which is collapsing.

We are leaving behind the last stages of a system in which women were afraid of their bodies, their intuitive capacities and their power to disrupt. The time has come for new structures to be built, and they must come from those who understand the interconnectedness of all life, who have opened time to listen to the voice of the heart, and who have the courage to face the unknown and untried, as we begin to work with the clay of new mythic structures.

Venus rules the artist as well as beauty and women. One way in which we are able to nourish ourselves and each other as we pass across this bridge between the old world and the new, is to involve ourselves in the sacred play of artistic creation. While we may hear vestiges of a voice from the past which tells us that we aren't good enough (too fat, too old, not talented) all of this detritus can simply be wheeled out to the compost heap, behind the shed, at the back of the garden, to rot.

In their current state, these voices are simply something we will now remove from our dwelling, and let rest, away from the main stage. Eventually they may ripen into something useful (like a joke?) but for now, our play is to enjoy, revel, support and affirm each other's bodies, voices and insights, and shape them into acts of beauty and sustenance, for ourselves, each other, and everyone throughout the great interconnected web of life, and death.

with thanks to Rose Marcus for source material: