Depth of feeling is a quality that comes from experience which has been processed, composted, and layered over time into an understanding that has subtlety, wry insight, and offers a refreshing insult to arrogance.

Just as a good soup needs various ingredients to be satisfying, tasty and nourishing, a creative effort benefits from including a topic of substance with a seasoning of whimsy, and the well-rehearsed with the gifts of the moment. Those of accumulated years may bemoan certain changes but be held in great esteem for other qualities which go beyond mental or physical athleticism.

Those who seek to express themselves hold treasures within, and have the ability to leave meaningful legacies, whether that be with a simple two-hour reminiscence which is skillfully caught on videotape, or in a project of many weeks' duration, involving a cast of other creators. Mixed age groups have many gifts for those who participate, often far beyond what was expected. Few experiences are more satisfying than the fully realized creative effort.

If you feel drawn to bringing forth something that opens a window into your heart, I would be honoured to help bring that into being, whether it be a solo work or a piece which brings several people together. Please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibilities of creating a legacy work in 'The Beauty of Age' series.