Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, the charismatic and learned Tibetan lama colleague and friend of Sogyal Rinpoche, told a story to us which I will retell, in a nutshell.

A great lama was travelling, accompanied by his attendant. He had to have a bowel movement, and had nothing to wipe with. His attendant brought out a newspaper. The lama recoiled in horror. “But why?” the attendant asked. “It’s only English!”

Precisely what happened then is not clear, however even lowly English could not be treated in this manner, and this teaching prefaced an exposition of the beauty and deep mystery of language.

In another quarter entirely, a Toronto scholar by the name of Merrill Swain, PhD, taught that languaging creates thought. Her work in second language acquisition led her to the insight that it is in bringing forth words that we organize thought; it is in the process of articulation that we understand.

Each of us constantly creates ourselves anew, and each of us has a fountain within. Words help us make the choices of an artist, a surgeon, and an athlete which filter and shape the water of that fountain.

I invite you to share your words with me, so that we can shape them together into reflections of your competence, authority and ever-renewing sense of self on a journey. Contact me for details on how to create a lasting work of word/art which will strengthen, support and remind you of your own inner knowing.