Each New Year brings a fresh start and new impetus. We all want success and in order to move forward, it’s a good idea to let go of anything that no longer fits, works, or feels aligned with our highest purpose. Here are some ideas for how to bring the fresh energy of creation and success into our lives, sustaining ourselves as we bring benefit to this world.

1. Clean your house. Deeply. Don’t rush. Pray while doing so. Listen to healing music while doing so.

2. Bag your single socks, the sweaters you will no longer wear, and your other clothes that someone else will benefit from which you ignore. Place the bag in your car, to donate the next time you go out.

3. Pay your bills and set up a cash flow spreadsheet.

4. Clean and reorganize the top of your desk. Set it up so that it inspires you. Create a mini-shrine on your desk which helps support your work with your highest intentions.

5. Go through your purse, clean and organize it. Basil leaves are said to bring prosperity. A dried basil leaf in a small red bag can be quickly stitched up and slipped into your bag with a prayer that the money drawn be used for the highest good.

6. Take a bath in 2 cups of Epsom Salt and ask that any negativity be released from your body, your speech and your mind. Rub your body with the salt, immerse your head fully, and soak in the water. Let the past go when you drain the tub.

7. Allow yourself to rest. Allow your mind to rest. When you are resting, gently place one hand on your heart, and the other on your stomach. Tell yourself, “I love you.”

Your gifts are needed in this world. Please remember this as you make time for self-care.