My mother passed through the threshold on June 3, 2013, after a series of strokes beginning in December, 2012. I departed from Toronto and joined her just after the performance of Mythic, an exploration of the ancient story of Demeter and Persephone, designed as a prayer for the solstice and rebirth of the light.

Our six months together were profound, challenging and healing. As my mother’s live-in caregiver, all artistic work underway in Toronto was suspended, and I gave myself completely to the tasks involved in supporting my mother’s cognitive and physical recovery.

With stroke and dementia, what one does as a caregiver is all-consuming. Memory, verbal ability, linear thinking, logic and reasoning are all diminished for the person who is suffering this way. Their physical mobility must be continuously reinforced. Emotional lability is part of the picture and stability on the part of the supporting carers is an absolute necessity. All my resources were challenged, and in the meantime the building in Toronto in which my studio was housed was offered for sale.

Now I am home once again. My mother’s 49th day has passed and been marked with an offering of prayer, music and poetry, and I must turn to the reconfiguration of my work and life in her absence. I invite you once again to join me in recreating ourselves anew.