In creating and directing the performance of Combing Sedna’s Hair, I have reflected many times on where the centre or centres of gravity are within the world we are imagining together. Each character in the novella and the extracted thread which forms this performance goes through a journey of transformation after meeting a pivot point. These can be thought of as crisis moments.

In Chinese calligraphy, the word for crisis is composed of two characters: ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Because the figure of Sedna is so closely linked with the victim archetype, but is at the same time the keeper of the human food supply, the question that rises is ‘How do we deal with our suffering?’ and ‘In what way can our deepest scars be worked with so as to provide nourishment for the human community?’

Gravity has a partner: Levity. But what does this mean? In going down, how do we find the rebound which allows us to soar? What humour is ‘legal’? How does violation become the benign trigger which releases tension and allows healing awareness, breaking the dark trance? Levity, like magic, takes us out of ourselves. Gravity and Levity are lovers.