Creative potential is an ocean of possibilities and yet vast, mysterious and unstable. As artists we become pulled by our desire to create and share, and feel compelled to explore and take chances for personal growth, and for the manifestation of our projects.

Inspiration is an alluring ripple dancing on top of the water, and diving into creative chaos is seeing beauty in that glimmer and feeling compelled to take the plunge; without knowing what lies under the surface, or how deep you can go. It’s a process that involves trusting that you will resurface but knowing that the journey can lead you anywhere. Your inherent instincts and talent is your lifejacket and the skill and experience you acquire from repeatedly diving is the technique that is supposed to keep you safe; but we all know that even the strongest swimmers are still putting themselves at risk. As artists, we are vulnerable too.

The beauty in the ocean of possibilities is that the more we dive, the easier it becomes to find what we are searching for. The first time we might expect to discover a sunken ship filled with treasure but over time we feel gratified by finding a pretty seashell, or witnessing marine life. We begin to understand that every dive has potential for discovery.

Sometimes we don’t return with anything at all. The ocean floor could simply be barren where we decided to dive, the treasure could be too far down for our skill level, or it may be too big to carry back up. We could say that in these scenarios we failed, or drowned, if we are speaking metaphorically but as artists we need to evaluate our dives into creative chaos with an inquisitive mind and an open heart.  

Every dive into creative chaos is worthy. At times it will seem so simple. We anchor and dive off our boat, and return to it with exactly what we hoped for. Other times we get pulled away by swirling waves, and float on our backs in defeat, until we are carried to shore. But perhaps that’s when we look into the sky or dig our fingers in the sand and find what we were searching for. Suddenly we understand the reason we took the journey and realize that storms come before rainbows.

Diving into creative chaos is about having adaptable expectations. Every dive is a different adventure and ultimately an experience for our development as artists.  It’s trusting that whatever has drawn you in has done so with purpose. As artists we are deep sea explorers with varying levels of skill and experience and every dive is carried out with the knowledge that we do not always know what we are looking for but that we will always find a treasure if we are open to receiving it.