A path for contacting the inner wellspring

Within you, there is a wealth. There is a storyteller, a poet, a soundscape artist, a mover. She may have been set aside, but she is still there waiting patiently, and will respond to your invitation.

Suzanne provides highly individualized service to help you access your own authentic voice, whether English is your first language or you are a learner.

This approach is strengthening and supportive.The practice of meditation forms the basis of an approach that is friendly and comfortable, handles experience spaciously, and provides a context for us to explore texts you write and read as we work together.

Individually or in small groups, we use a unique, multi-layered method of imagination and creativity.  Our meetings are enjoyable and stimulate problem solving from the wellsprings of your own inner knowing.

Here you will develop and refine your own voice and style, make friends, and build up a body of your own creative work.

Photo: Dane Beesley